Have been going great guns seeing Lynda, my clinical psychologist. The homework has been hard, but so rewarding and freeing!

On the weekend I finished packing up all the clothes that didn’t fit me. I gave some to a friend, some to charity, some in the bin, and some I packed up in space savers bags and they are waiting to be taken to a friend’s house. I have a drawer of things still in my bedroom and some coats but I can’t pack those up as they will can’t be crushed that much. It  feels GREAT. I feel so at peace and happy. Kate was right – I am making room for another dream – a happy me. 

For years I have alternated between swinging wildly from “Yes, I can diet!” to “No, it’s crazy.” I can’t keep doing that. I want to be happy with myself, finally, at the age of 35. I look back at my 20’s and early 30’s and feel so sad for what I was putting myself through. But I have forgiven myself and am now looking forward to looking after myself, establishing some much needed routine and working on what’s important to me. I know I am healthy (from that blood test I had) and I eat well most of the time. I am slowly working out ways of letting go of being so hard on myself.  

Today’s mission – cancel the gym membership.