I know I am capable of this. I will get to the food stuff later. My goals are simple. And I know they are shared by so many of my friends in blogland and real life. In a way they are embarrassing too – such Western world problems! I can almost roll my eyes at them!

Goal 1: Get the clutter under control.

How? I have started small. The bedroom is clean and tidy. Everything has a place, and I don’t go to bed until everything is put away. The kitchen is the same – husband and I agreed that we wouldn’t go to bed unless all the washing up etc was done and put away. I have gone through all the cupboards and ditched all the things I don’t use on a regular basis. Everything has a place.

I feel fantastic about these two rooms being done. There are still some bit and pieces to finish in the bedroom (mainly pictures being hung) but I will get onto that on the weekend when the husband is around to help me. It honestly feels like a sanctuary. I think the two things that have saved it falling back into a cesspit are having a place for everything, even the things I don’t think NEED a place and constantly picking up after myself and throwing things out I don’t need. When I went shopping the other day I made sure I went through all the bags and put things away as soon as I walked in the door – it made such a difference.

The future? The office is next and that’s going to be a big one. It’s a tip. This afternoon I am taking everything off my desk and putting it in a box to go through as I can’t even begin to start cleaning it in the state it’s in. I will report back on the next step after that’s done.