Surely clutter and the grind of day-to-day can’t keep me down? What am I going to do, get to the end of my life and say “If only I’d got a handle on the clutter…” What a pathetic reason to be depressed – I mean, honestly,  Western world problems! Last night I went and picked up a gas heater that I purchased off eBay which is so powerful we will be able to heat our lounge and kitchen. We have the money to pay our electricity bill every quarter. Not every family can say that. I have a husband who loves me and supports me. He knows how to cook and clean. Not everyone can say that either!

So today I will do things I feel like doing – and it does involve further cleaning. Now I have a clean bedroom and kitchen I love it – my mind is clearer and I feel more in control. I am off to clean up and rearrange the lounge room so we can use our new heater tonight. Then I’m off to do more gardening. And I may even contemplate doing some school work! :0

Although it’s one of the worst shows in TV, I can’t help but watch the Biggest Loser (record on the IQ and ff through it like a crazy thing). Last week they had Rowena McEvoy talking about success and something that really struck for me was her talking about how if you want something you have to go out and get it. And I want discipline and order in my life. I want to be happy. I don’t want to be rich, I don’t want to do anything apart from what I do now, all I want to do is be happy. I want to walk into a store and be able to fit into size 14 – 16 clothes. I want everything in my wardrobe to fit me. I want to be fit. I want my house to be neat and tidy. All those things are possible. All it takes is daily discipline, picking up after myself, making sure that I have the right food to eat and exercising every day. I can do that most days. Maybe not every day, but most days it is doable.