I am addicted to sugar, me thinks. Today I have had an abnormal amount of sweet foods and I have to admit to myself that once I start, I find it very very hard to stop. It’s like the sugar floodgates are open! However I have been through this before and I know what I have to do to knock it on the head.

  • Start the day with a huge drink of water. Whenever I drink 500ml of water as soon as I get up, everything is better.
  • Have an interesting, chewy breakfast – only have an Energizer Up and G0 if there’s some serious sleeping in happening. They might be high in protein but they are high in sugar too…My favourite breakfast is a slice of Pure Essence Bread with avo and grilled cheese.
  • Take good food to work. Food I look forward to eating.
  • And lastly…and most scary…I need to…


Fuck I am not looking forward to that! However I think the sweetness of it is what is making me crave sweet food. I like something fizzy so am going to buy some soda water.

Diet coke goes as of tomorrow. Just for a week and I will see how I feel…


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