For weeks – no, months! – I have been trying to convince myself to pick up the BDS and get back to work. My weight loss efforts have been flapping around in the breeze and I have been trying to convince myself that I am serious about it. Headwise, yes, I have made a lot of progress.  And I certainly felt OK about the process…but honestly? Come on. I have not even lost 5kg since I started this. There is a time for action, and accepting that you are not putting your heart and soul into this. For me, that time is now.

Tonight I have faffed about on facebook, read every news site known to man and watched TV I wasn’t interested in. All because I did NOT want to pick up the BDS and continue the journey. I need to start from the beginning. And it has taken me all night but I have printed out the list of reasons I wanted to lose weight and made a copy for my wallet and a copy for my bedside table. I will write a little revision here and anyone who wants to follow along can.

Beck Diet Solution: Day 1

Reasons I want to lose weight

  • I will feel proud and happy when I see photos of myself.
  • I won’t feel pain in my knees, back, ankles and feet.
  • Everything in my wardrobe will fit me and I will be able to dress the way I want to, wear clothes that I once wore and I felt fantastic in and feel like an individual again.   
  •  I will feel sexy and attractive around my husband. I will have a waist.
  • I will have so much energy.
  • I will be happy and healthy when I am pregnant.
  • I will have a normal relationship with food.

Bring on day two…and may it not take me all night to do it.

I really want to do this – cognitive behaviour therapy has helped me so much in the past. I want to get over my food addiction.