Can I walk 5km? I have been using my pedometer and would estimate I have been covering that every day but that’s not non-stop – it’s over an entire day. This morning I am going to the gym after many failed attempts to get back there regularly to go to a Pilates class – I can’t justify paying the huge amount of money the other studio is charging me to go twice a week. I have cut that back to once a week and will go to Fitness First once a week on the weekend. But…back to the walking. To get a spot in the Pilates class I will have to get there early and I am going to do some cardio work. Today – it’s seeing if I can walk 5km without stopping. So stupid that I am worried about this!!! Will let you know how I go.

This last week has been a challenge – we were away all last weekend and didn’t go grocery shopping. We planned what to eat for the remainder of the week but didn’t really stick to it. I didn’t track food once and ate whatever I felt like at work (including thai 3 days which I can’t afford from a financial and calorie point of view). I am feeling low today but working hard to pull myself out of it…


Well, yes I can. I got to the gym and there was a problem with my membership that took them a while to sort out so I didn’t get on the treadmill until 45 minutes before my Pilates class started. I walked 2.5km which was 3300 steps…I know I can walk at least 7000 as I did it with the husband the other day. So 5km – yes I can. Pilates at the gym was so hard – way above my level. I just did what I could and envied those around me! I will continue to go every week. It did feel good to be back at the gym and I will keep it up – thanks to Jadey I have an INCREDIBLY cheap FF membership (thanks girl!!! I hope they never put the price up!) and I want to use it as much as possible. I really want my fitness to increase.

I have still been feeling depressed and yesterday went shopping and ate a huge easter egg and despite trying to snap out of it all day (by exercising, eating well, drinking water and even a berocca!) this was the only thing that worked. I know I am feeling depressed because I am not pregnant this month and while I am not too worried about it now (thanks to the ultrasound I had the other day) I am sad about it. I am going to have to go and have the blood test in the next two weeks and while I am looking forward to having it I am looking forward to knowing exactly what’s going on blood wise (as is my dietician and herbalist).

I have decided that every month I am not pregnant I am going to make some goals to make it easier for me when I do end up pregnant! So this cycle’s goals are…

  1. Keep chipping my way towards the “under 100kg” mark
  2. Keep up with my “early to bed, early to rise, work like a dog at school to avoid bringing home work” regime.
  3. Finish two painting projects I have: the cupboard doors for a unit we renovated over 2 years ago (using the unit without any doors at mo!) and an outdoor setting.
  4. Keeping up the weekly clean and shopping…it’s all about the routine!
  5. Get a flu jab and see my Doctor about a niggling health problem.
  6. BDS!!

Anyway there you go – me trying to dig my way out of depression. *sigh* I really want to be happy!