Am feeling a lot better today. Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement…sometimes you just need to let it out and know there are people out there supporting you. This is stuff I can’t talk to many of my RL friends about. Chris – you mentioned that I should work on the problem – I am!!!!!! I am seeing a Dietician about my weight, a Doctor who referred me on to have some scans and a blood test, and now a Herbalist trained in acupuncture! I am being very pro-active! I’m not sure how much else I could bloody do!

So – we have some progress. First off I went to see the Herbalist and answered a million questions about everything cycle related before getting some herbs to drink and having some acupuncture. I then had an ultrasound to rule out what they thought was going on inside (results soon but looks very good) and was advised to leave the blood test until next month. Things are happening. I feel better. I know to a lot of you it must have seemed I was paranoid and worrying about nothing but please bear in mind the full story isn’t written here and I am sure these feelings are quite normal if you can cast your mind back to when you were trying to get pregnant.