It doesn’t matter about many things I like about the “Old” Bee, the fact is it is unhealthy and pretty unattractive being this big. I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see. I look in the wardrobe and don’t like what I see. The other things I find comforting about being fat will have to shove it…being a size 20 outweighs (no pun intended) all the ‘good’ things. Even if I could get to a size 16 I would be happy!

So the weight loss continues. Have planned my food for today and this week and the husband is in on it to. My -5kg chart is going well (“Overall trend! Overall trend!” I can hear my husband saying!) and I am feeling happy.

Another thing making me happy is meeting with a friend of mine last night who can crochet! When I go to Canberra for a weekend with my ex-HBC friends soon she is going to teach me how to read patterns. I will be a master at the crochet! LOL!