I feel a lot better now I have a Dr too. For a long time I have been visiting three Doctors. One great Dr in the city when there is “serious” stuff and I know I need a thorough Dr experience – only problem is I have to travel to get there and he is virtually impossible to get in to. I always end up waiting about an hour because he is running so behind. I love him, but too hard. I have also been seeing whoever is working that day at the medical centre up the road for boring things (flu, need medical certificate etc) and searching out a LADY DOCTOR (as my mother calls them) for anything pap-pap related.  Now I have A DOCTOR. One for everything. I feel like I am in control of my health and taking myself seriously.

I have taken the suggestion of the BDS and have made a graph charting my weight loss 5kg at a time. It is actually helping me get some perspective on this whole thing…for instance this month hasn’t been huge in terms of weight loss but I do feel like mentally I am getting ahead. Seeing the chart go down is helping – I keep hearing my husband telling me to look at the “overall trend”! My aim is to lose around 5kg every 10 weeks – 1/2 a kilo per week. Not a lot, but this is for life. It has to be easy to maintain and feel natural. Which leads me to Easter Eggs.

Every year when Easter Eggs are put out in the shops I start to have feelings of no control and avoid going into places that sell them. I really, really love Easter Egg chocolate! This year, I am not going to feel guilty. I am still keeping a food diary and if I want one, I will have it and work it into my calories for the day. I know many of you reading disagree with counting calories but honestly it is the only thing that keeps me honest. If I was capable of eating only what my body thought it needed I would be 20 stone! 🙂

Foot is on the mend and I will be trying some walking tonight to see what it thinks. I have also done the “Real Age” test (thanks Oprah – again!) and my age isn’t too bad – 36.2. My actual age is 34.9. Something to work on!