Well, off to the Dr I went today to confess all my fears about my new and crazy menstrual cycle. TMI, yes. Oh well. This is a blog. My body has been doing random things over the past 4 months and it’s actually scaring me. So next week off to have some scans done along with some blood tests then off for some acupuncture and chinese medicine down the road with a woman who comes recommended.

I think the Dr was as worried as me – when your Dr says “Really? Wow! Hmmm…” it doesn’t make you feel reassured.

I beat her to the obvious though. “I know we are up against it – we are both old and fat.” Yes, she mused, so you are…but let’s not panic yet. Lose weight though. Now. Fast.

No problem, I said. I have never felt so determined and resigned in my life.