What a hard week this has been! I made it to Friday afternoon and got home to discover I had somehow fucked up big time on our budget a few weeks ago and now we are a LOT behind what we should be. Like a couple of $K. That must sound impossible to most people but when you’re married to someone who runs his own business and gets paid accordingly (ie: whenever people feel like it) it’s easy enough to do. That topped off the week and I found myself having a big cry. Lots of other things going on too but honestly, that topped it off.

There was a good side to fucking up. It meant that the husband and I had a chat about the way that we do things and lots of things at the core of our relationship. The husband is very laid back – one of the reasons I am attracted to him because it means I usually get my way (lol), but sometime that manifests into him being a bit on the lazy side and taking the backseat while I (in my usual manner) run at life like a bull at a gate. We looked at how we were managing our time and commitments and have shuffled things a bit to get them back on track.

In fitness news I have really hurt my ankle and foot and am hobbling a bit. I went out on Tuesday night and wore shoes I have owned for over a year now and never worn. They aren’t particularly high but the strain on my feet was too much. I’m not sure if it’s a weight thing or not but I will see what happens when I lose some. I have a feeling there is about 6 pairs of shoes that will be looking for a new home…all pretty brand new. So no walking for me until it heals. Not happy about that but looking after myself is the most important thing.

The other thing that is stressing me is the whole baby thing. I don’t want to go into details but it is weighing heavily on my mind and I am working hard on distracting myself from worrying!