…but getting fitter!

Just went for a stumble around the block with the dog in addition to my 10,000 steps at work and I am shattered. Have noticed that my fitness is improving though. Even making it to 5km in one walk without wanting to die is going to kill me.

As usual this week at work has been crazy but I am sticking firm to some of my resolutions – getting up early, working like a dog while there and not bringing work home. I looked at my resolutions from last week and haven’t managed to fit most of them in, but honestly? A little ambitious. I am going to chill out and fit them in one at a time. 

At the moment I am going to keep up the walking, pilates, food and rise and sleep times for another week. BDS is being skimmed over again and Sunday will see a new day being worked on. Let’s see how we go with that…