I couldn’t get Ms Nourish’s walking goals out of my head! So, I am making my own…and I am very excited about it! At the moment I can walk 5km (just) without being completely shagged. 

  • Walking the 8km Mother’s Day Classic in the Domain, Sydney on May 9th.
  • I am going to walk the City 2 Surf on August 8th…all 14km of it.
  • Run (!!!) the 4km Family Fun Run (part of the Sydney Running Festival) over the Harbour Bridge on September 19th. I did this a few years ago and ran it in just under 30min – this time I want to beat that time.

So my training plan is this…

  • Get up to a 5km walk once a week by the end of February
  • 7.5km by the end of March
  • 10km by the end of April
  • 12.5km by the end of May
  • Start the couch to 5km running program in June while continuing the 12.5km walks
  • Couch to 5km and continues and walk up to 14km by the end of in July
  • Complete C2S at the beginning of August and concentrate on running for the rest of the month.
  • Running in preparation for the Sydney Running Festival

I can’t believe I have enthusiasm for this but I do! LOL!

The last time I exercised I was obsessed with doing it to lose weight. This time, I think it will contribute to weight loss very little. If it does, it does. But I think getting the food right is what will make the difference. I just want to be fit and not have my fitness level hold me back.

Thanks again, Ms Nourish!!!