Post number 100! And how has this week gone? Good…very good.

  • I have maintained going to bed early and getting up early! (I’m shocked at that!)
  • I have continued to work like a dog at school so I don’t have to bring work home.
  • I have been sensible with my eating all week – tracked about half the days, ate very well the others.
  • I have done over 10,000 steps per day (some days nearly double that) and have noticed my overall fitness has improved incredibly. Thanks for the Melbourne kick start, girls!
  • I have spent more time with my husband
  • I have maintained the distance with the blood suckers I work with…including ‘M’ (from this post). She came and gave me a big apology on the first day of school and admitted that she lied to my face, finishing the apology with a heartfelt “I really want us to be close friends again.” Well, sorry…but you have burnt that bridge honey. I know her too well to trust her again so I just thanked her for the apology and moved on. She realises it’s over and I know she knows she fucked up and lost a good friend. The sad thing is I didn’t. She just used me. *shrugs*

Let’s see how I go this week! 🙂