But February is going to be better! Have maintained the super efficiency over the past week, and today had a kick arse food day despite many barriers in my way! Went to Melbourne on the weekend and went on a big walk around the Tan with some friends and led by the amazing Ash…she is great, a true inspiration. If I had more energy I would link her. But our flight was cancelled, and we had to stay the night in Melbourne, so it was up at 4.30am to get the plane back here, straight to work, straight into class, straight into lunch meetings, straight into class, straight into after school meetings, straight onto homework and now home. And my eating was spot on. No junk. Under my calories for the day.


February? I’d like to lose 3kg. Then 2.5kg in March. And 1kg by April 15th. Under 100kg for my 6 year anniversary.