Starting writing this at the end of last year then got distracted and never finished the post…

Love this thought from my dietician…if anyone wants her details and you live in Sydney let me know in the comments and I will email you.

December is a great time to start to think about your goals for 2010 and to reflect on what you would like to be different this time next year. While it may appear to more appropriate to wait until January – January is holiday time and before you know it, Australia Day has arrived, the kids are going back to school and the year is in full swing. So, over the next few weeks, get your new diary or journal ready and start the process. Remember to think about goals in each of your core life domains – Career, Health, Relationships, Self and Finances. And before you roll you eyes at the mere thought of more psychology rubbish, the reason health professionals nag you about setting goals and documenting them is the simple fact that outcome is significantly more likely when goals are set.

No problems with eye rolling here…I’m all for making goals.

Career: Next year I will have a little bit of a different roll in my job – a coordinator and teaching across two subject areas. I am still not permanent at my school but there are people moving on so next year may be the year for that. It’s very hard to get a permanent job in the state system but the alternative isn’t that appealing. Even though I am qualified to teach in the Catholic system getting into these schools is just as hard and not something I’m sure I want to do. I have heard some pretty average things from teachers in private schools and I would rather stay in the state system. There are great benefits and I’m not keen to hand over any more flesh and blood at work – I do enough already. Keep my head down, bum up, and work smarter not harder is going to be the way I work in 2010.

Health: Lose more weight is the obvious one here – I want to make it to under 100kg by my 6 year anniversary with the bloke in April. That is totally doable. I also want to continue Pilates twice a week and build my core strength. I can’t say I want to get to my goal weight next year because of the ‘trying to get pregnant’ deal but if I don’t get up the duff, goal would be nice. New goal is 80kg. If I do get pregnant I want to put on minimal weight. I am not going back to my heaviest weight! Have already planned with the dietician how I will approach that. Fitness is the number one thing I want to increase in 2010.

Relationships: Spend more time with the husband, and with friends that actually matter to me. I tend to get caught up in the day to day (like a lot of us) and my friends fall by the wayside. My biggest goal though is to work at keeping people who drain me at bay. I have some people I have already culled from my life and some that have culled me (LOL) so I was saved the trouble. I also want to spend more time with the people who matter to me – whilst I was overseas I had a dream about a good friend of mine and when I woke up I realised I hadn’t spoke to her since APRIL 2009! Not acceptable!

Self: Hmmm…can I think on this one? 

Finances: This one is easy – keep paying off the credit cards so we are out of debt at the end of the financial year. At the same time we are paying extra off our car loan, saving a ‘slush fund’ and saving for our house.