It’s all well and good to be writing goals but I have to plan the details.

The biggest problem I have is being organised. All the goals I have set are fairly easy on paper but it’s time management that kills me. I have to be at work early three mornings a week so have decided to go in early all 5 days to get a routine happening. That means leaving home over an hour earlier than I am used to and already I feel the resent level rising! LOL! I am such a baby!! To get over myself on this front I am going to pack all my food and get my clothes ready the night before to save some time. I am going to bed at a set time and getting up at the same time every morning. I hate planning a routine because I hate being told what to do (even by myself!) but this is essential – the benefits far outweigh the cranky feelings I have about it.

Before I plan this routine can I just say I know many of you who read this have children and are up at the arse crack of dawn! 🙂 I know you will have no sympathy for my plight (and rightly so), but getting up early has been a source of tears and depression for years and it’s something I am really trying to crack. My aversion to getting up early sounds stupid I know, but it has led to me moving houses and everything because getting up to do the long commute to work was really having a negative effect on my happiness. SO! The new morning routine is this…

Get up at 6.45am, breakfast, get out the door by 7.30am. Walk to work (only 15 minutes) instead of getting the bus (I know! It’s terrible to be getting a bus for a journey of 1km but usually I am running that late I have no choice!) Two mornings a week I don’t have classes so from 8am till 8.50am  I will be doing some marking so try and cut down on the amount of work I bring home. I have a lot of periods off this year because of my role as debating coordinator so I should be able to get all my work done by 5pm at school. I have another desk I can use in a quieter department than mine (!!) and I have a state issued teeny tiny laptop now so the bloke is organising a screen and keyboard so I can use it at the other desk. Emails at work I will answer once a day. I am not giving my mobile number out for the other debating coordinators to have – I saw the how the constant phone calls killed the last coordinator!  

School goes back tomorrow. Let’s see how I go…off to plan food for the rest of the week now!