This jet lag business is a cack. It’s 4.35am and I am WIDE awake! Back from our fabulous holiday overseas, indeed I am, and enthusiastic about what the year holds for me. I had the best time overseas…did not want to come home. I did, however, notice how differently I am treated as a woman wearing size 20 clothing. I have never noticed it before, but in the bloke (who is a bit of a fatty too) and I wear given looks. You know what I mean. The “check out the fatties” looks. And I noticed it much more than I ever have. I always thought that yes, while I realised I was technically overweight I never thought other people thought anything of it. Now I realise that that was wrong…people notice. And judge. What do I think about that? I’m not sure. I felt a little ashamed and self conscious to be honest. Another thing I noticed – I am having trouble squeezing in plane, bus and train seats. I have never felt that before but I am now that fat woman that someone has to sit near!
Next few days will be spent reading back over the Beck Diet Solution then making a plan for 2010!