I made it to the end of the school year! Finished the last week with pneumonia but am on the mend now and really hoping it’s knocked on the head before we fly overseas for our holiday.

Eating in the lead up to Christmas has been terrible – we haven’t been grocery shopping for 3 weeks and I have been eating anything and everything. The amount of chocolate I have been given at school is terrible – next year I have to get rid of it as soon as it is given to me and not even open it. We all open the gifts we are given and leave them for all the staff to enjoy but the truth is this year I have just stood in front of them and eaten and eaten.

So – what are my plans for the next week I am home before going away?

Tracking food every day – yes, even Christmas Day. There are some of my favourite chocolates at mums and I will be eating 6 of them – I have already worked it into my food plan. For me it is unrealistic that I won’t eat any at this stage and if I resolve not to then do, I will feel like shit. 

My weight – I have put on a little from the feel of it but still have managed to keep most of it off. And for that I am very grateful.