You know, I am actually a positive person. I can see the positive in most situations. I am not as cranky as I always assummed I was. I may not appear Pollyanna-like at every opportunity but damn it! I am happy. My life doesn’t suck. The wine bottle is half full. I am happy.

Did very well at the Christmas party last night – one drink and a sensible amount of food. I was pleased to see so many people enjoying themselved despite the fact our boss came and everyone hates her. To all those people (over 25) who pulled out because she was coming, who complained to me about the fact I invited her (Hello? It’s the Staff Christmas Party! What was I meant to do?) I say the best revenge is a good life. One of my friends at work sent me a text pulling out, commenting “To many F’ing C’s there”. It was hard to not write back and say “Yeah? Well there’s a lot here who aren’t f’ing c’s!”Β 

Anyway, as Chris would say – ONWARD! πŸ™‚