Here’s my dilemma.

I’ve already asked Soulmumma but anyone would think she’s busy at the moment (tee hee) so I’m putting it out there. I am starting to try to get pregnant but I have a big trip overseas planned from the end of December till the end of January. Would you put off trying to get pregnant in case you had the morning sickness from hell or just push on (no pun intended) and see what happens? We are doing a bit of travelling and I am worried I’ll be so ill I won’t enjoy myself. Of course I don’t expect to be lucky enough to get pregnant in the first few months of trying but with that 35th birthday looming I am reluctant to put it off.

Also – does the amount of pain you suffer when you have your period point to what type of suffering you will endure with morning sickness?

Opinion, mums out there!

Edited 10/11/2009

The decision has been made for me – the husband has said he really wants to wait in case I am spewing my ring up the entire time. And since he never has an opinion on anything, I have to respect it! I may have morning sickness, I may not – but I don’t want to risk it. I’m a bit sad about it and paranoid too to be honest because I fear I am going to have a hard time getting pregnant (fat and old). I know, I know, this may not be the case, but better than thinking it will be easy, hey?

Thanks to everyone for your comments, they mean a lot. And those of you that have told me how excited you are that I will soon be breeding are very special cases indeed…because if I was 10 – no, even 5 years younger I wouldn’t be having this conversation with any of you! LOL! No, seriously…I really feel as ready as I’ll ever be. As long as I don’t think about the implications too much.