Just a quick update before I run off to the Dr about the dodgy knee which has really been depressing me quite a lot over the past week!

Yesterday was a challenging day – the women I work with really do my head in, two of my classes were off the planet and I didn’t have any food to eat at home. I hadn’t recorded what I was going to eat on Calorie King when I fell out the door on the way to school. Normally a day like this would have seen me eating a dreaded chocolate muffin from the canteen, diet coke and a heap of other crap at the Melbourne Cup afternoon tea. But I didn’t. I wasn’t perfect but I was good! A friend got me a roll from the health food shop up the road for lunch and we shared a square of  gluten-free carob cake which I really, really enjoyed. At the Melbourne Cup afternoon tea I didn’t have any champagne but I did have four jatz with eggplant dip. But the biggest victory came later!

I am small-child-sitting for a friend one night a week at the moment and last night he wanted me to buy him some ice cream to eat with his blueberries (on sale at the moment at W00lies, peeps!!). Without thinking too much about it, I bought my favourite chocolate ice cream and we travelled back to his place to settle in. I got him some in a little bowl, and thought “I could have a scoop or two of this”  and didn’t. I knew it was there, I could have easily have had some – but I didn’t even feel like it. I really felt like that Carob Cake at lunch and am glad I got it, but the ice-cream? Couldn’t have given a shit about it. And that to me is proof that the Beck Diet Solution is working. And I am more grateful than I can say. 🙂