Only weighing myself once a week and forgot to post last weigh in…

  • Start weight: 112.7kg (weighed in the afternoon so ‘real’ weight probably about 111kg?).
  • Weigh in #1: 108.5kg
  • Weigh in #2: 108.4kg (not worried about this one – at least it went down!)
  • Weigh in #3: 107.3kg

Happy with how it’s going…funnily enough the only reward I can think of for losing weight is to go somewhere I want to eat! Vegetarian Yum Cha here I come when I weigh 105kg! 🙂

Have had to struggle to keep my mind from the friend situation and accept that if I haven’t heard a response now I probably won’t. And while that’s sad, I also read over the message I sent her and think “I did all I can.”

Melbourne Cup today (not that I care I’m afraid – don’t even watch the race!) and I won’t be eating any of the food that’s put on in the staff room. I really want to be under 105kg before we go overseas in late December (it’s 2.4kg and 8 weeks away so should be totally doable) and if possible I’d like to be really under 105kg and come back at the end of January under 100kg. I know there will be more temptation over there as we meet up with friends we haven’t seen for years but this is for life and there will be situations like this again and again.