I sat down at this computer not feeling too happy this morning. I am in a difficult situation with a friend and there’s nothing more I can do except wait. It’s not easy but I have to put it out of my mind and accept that I have done all I can. As usual in the blogging world, there are people going through the same thing – Ash and Miss Milo. I am thinking of you both! Why do people in your life have to cause such challenges??

I am going out to Yum Cha (as mentioned yesterday) and am worried that I will end up Wednesday with no weight loss at all. I have been out for Japanese twice and it’s all these “calories unknown” situations that are doing my head in. I feel so determined to do this and I guess the real choice to be made is to either not go or to go and not eat. Which isn’t an option on one hand, but probably should be on the other. I guess I’m lucky that this is the beginning of my weight loss journey and the effort I am going to 95% of the time will still make a difference. I was going to have some fruit for breakfast to even out the calories from the Yum Cha visit but now I just ate a lower calorie version of my normal breakfast and will enjoy a few dishes there. I will also have Greek Salad for dinner with Goat Milk Cottage Cheese instead of the normal Feta we use and no olive oil.

“S” the dietician has told me to not get bogged down in things like this. I will do my best. I’m just so scared CAUTIOUS of failure!

Day 16: Prevent Unplanned Eating

NO CHOICE. I must stick to my plan and accept that that is how it’s going to be. I must duck when other food gets thrown at my head. This has really helped this week, especially as I have visited a health food shop three times that sells one of my favourite cakes – a gluten free, dairy free carob chocolate cake. Sounds revolting, doesn’t it? Trust me…it so isn’t. I have been in the shop with friends, and looked longingly at it as I have gone past. But then – NO CHOICE! pops into my head and I have been able to just say no, as Nancy once said. I am sticking to what I have agreed (with myself) that I will eat that day. I decide before I get to the restaurant what I will eat (we have a few faves that we visit and I know the menu very well!) It’s hard when I get there and want a wine but then I say NO CHOICE! followed by “Do you want some cheese with your whine?” and get on with drinking my soda water.

Beck talks about rules that we have that we don’t even argue with ourselves over – like cleaning your teeth. You just do it. There’s one rule I have – I won’t eat meat of any description. I won’t eat gelatine or cheese made with animal rennet. This can be a problem, sure, but I won’t do it. I need to get the same discipline with other areas of my eating.

In other news I found another blogger to read – and she’s actually a Sydney girl! (Don’t know too many bloggers in Sydney!) Chantel over at Creative Hands – Hi! I loved this post…and I have to thank her for linking this great read – Limes & Lycopene. And yes, I did have to look up what lycopene was! 😛 Then! I followed the links from that blog to this recipe – and I am making it this week!


Oh, I so didn’t have to worry about Yum Cha! Not ONE vegetarian thing on the menu! LOL! I got them to make me two servings of blanched green vegtables (with soy sauce and a bit of peanut oil) which was actually two entire bunches! I also had 3 vegetarian spring rolls. The real problem started when I left and I was craving something sweet…went into a news agent and was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close to buying chocolate – but grabbed the orange tic tacs at the last minute!

Food plans get faxed off to ‘S’ tomorrow so I will let you know the feedback..