Not happy at the moment, and just needed to come in here and write a list of things to be happy about.

  1. I am married to a wonderful man – the best man in the world. I couldn’t have hoped for  a better husband.
  2. I am getting out of debt.
  3. I have decided that having a child is far more important than worrying about getting a permanent job and that decision is bringing me a lot of peace.
  4. I have stuck to my diet and the best thing is it doesn’t even feel like a diet. I am eating normally and that too brings me a lot of peace.
  5. I am losing weight.
  6. I am putting myself first.
  7. I am becoming stronger and fitter.
  8. I am a good teacher. Even if I have the occasional spelling fail.
  9. I will be a good mother and I am married to a man who will be an excellent, involved, patient father.
  10. I have the best family in the world.
  11. I have the most lovely dog in the world. She brings me a tonne of joy.
  12. I work with great people who like and respect me.

If that doesn’t cheer me up nothing will.