7.30am: I am sitting here in my pjs trying to work out what I am going to eat for the day. I don’t really want to think about dinner but according to the BDS, I have to write everything down then tick it off as I eat it. Normally I only plan what I’ll eat until I get home from work then work with the calories I have left and see what I can come up with…but today, no. She wants me to plan, and plan I will.

I have managed to do a few days at once on BDS so will come back tonight and detail it all. I have looked ahead in the book and am not liking what I’m seeing! 🙂

8.30pm: OK, I take back what I said this morning – planning in advance was an interesting exercise. Someone mentioned before that they had read it was best to do it the night before (Jadey?) but I like doing it when I wake up because I am so fickle on the food front that I never know what I’m going to feel like eating until the day.

Well, let’s go back…

Day 13: Overcome cravings

Not worried about this one because (as previously mentioned) I never have real “cravings” for food – only “I feel like”. If I develop cravings in the future I will come back and read it. The desire I have for a particular food is never higher than a 2/10.

Day 14: Plan for tomorrow

Yes, planned it in the morning. I wrote the food plan, played around with it until I got enough protein in (never ending story!) and was happy with it. Went off to work 100% prepared and very happy with myself.

Day 15: Monitor Your Eating

Today’s task was to tick off everything you ate after you ate it and write down anything you ate which wasn’t on the plan. And I did eat something that wasn’t on my plan. I ate…8 tic tacs. 🙂 I didn’t tick anything off but I had already printed out the food diary (ready to go in the folder for the dietician to see). I knew exactly what I was eating and felt very in control, and also gave myself credit when I read over what I had eaten.

I am starting to see the planning that goes into making sure you are eating the right food – preparation, preparation, preparation!

Day 16 tomorrow…am going to read it now. I am really loving this book – it’s so fantastic! There is so much I have learnt from this book and the Gabriel Method…have total confidence in myself.

One thing I have to do tonight is write another list of reasons to lose weight. That one is really too negative and makes me a bit depressed when I read it. I’m going to do that now…