Am so bored by the concept of today’s task – not eating from now until dinner. I don’t want to do it. I really don’t. But I will because it’s not going to kill me and it might teach me something.

Yesterday’s Hunger Monitoring exercise was kind of interesting…I think I have a good grasp on whether I am hungry or not. It’s keeping it in mind when there’s food around I enjoy that will be the challenge!

My Hunger Monitoring Chart

Time How My Stomach Feels Strength of Hunger (0-10)
Before Breakfast Not particularly hungry at all – mild feeling of hunger which increases the more I think about breakfast. 1
Midway through Breakfast Not hungry but enjoying my breakfast! 1
Immediately after breakfast Full! Happy! 0
20 minutes after breakfast Still full and happy! Lol! 0
Before Lunch Not that hungry at all – again, mild feeling of hunger which increases the more I think about lunch. 1
Midway through lunch When I start to eat I feel hungrier! 2
Immediately after lunch HUNGRY! Have a glass of water and see if I’m dehydrated 3
20 minutes after lunch Still hungry…eat a punnet of blueberries. 3
Before dinner Hungry. I haven’t eaten enough today – 6.15pm and only eaten 950 calories. Cooking dinner is a challenge (not snacking as I go) but I make it. And then dinner takes until 8.30pm to cook! I manage to make it… 3
Midway through dinner Can’t talk, eating! 😛 Still pretty hungry but making an effort to slow down and enjoy it. 2
Immediately after dinner Full in a comfortable way. Am satisfied. 0
20 minutes after dinner Comfortable and not interested in eating anything else. 0

5.25pm: Not enjoying the no eating. Especially while cooking.

6.10pm: This is annoying – but interesting. Today I finished my class just before lunch and felt that “pain” (more like a twinge! LOL!) of hunger and immediately thought “Fuck this – I am eating lunch. I’m not going to stand around feeling like this all afternoon!” I then thought “I don’t have time to drive and get something for lunch! I’ve got all these kids on detention second half!” My thoughts flew to the chocolate muffins and banana bread in the canteen. Then to the Thai place up the road. But no. I caught hold of the hysteria. I was not caving. I was going to do this.

And I did. I had a bottle of diet coke because I needed to taste something apart from water but apart from that I lasted the whole day – had my usual breakfast and am now eating my dessert first (A punnet of blueberries) at 6.40pm because my dinner won’t be ready until 7.30pm. 3/4 of my dinner is out there waiting for me – but I want to wait till the mandarine and rum tofu is ready to go with it. A win for me! Eating is not an emergency! I don’t have to eat – I will not pass out! I am glad I did this exercise and fucking glad it’s over! LOL!

Enough exclamation marks for one day – going to dance around the oven and will my tofu to cook…