…could someone tell me why I am so sensitive? I just went to a charity I sponsor (won’t name it) and the volunteer in the office and the woman who runs it were really rude to me and treated me like a complete pleb because I was there 30 minutes before it shut to help out at the end of the day. I have never been there before and got lost going there but their website does say it’s open until 5pm! Doesn’t say “Don’t come at 4.30pm otherwise we’ll treat you as useless!”

Of course, that’s how I interpret what happened but it’s probably more like it’s the end of the day and they were over it all.  I have now been down in the dumps since! What can I do to snap out of it?

Update: Sunday morning – spoke to my friend M last night who told managed to snap me out of it. She said “Oh course you would be upset! You have invested emotionally in this charity – you donate, put up posters at work, log onto the website to see how it’s going, talk to people about it, recommend the service it provides…and you go there for the first time and get treated as someone who knows nothing about the charity and what they do! They were rude to you! If it’s still bothering you in a few days, write an email and complain!”

She really hit it on the head. I was planning on increasing my involvement with this charity and I may still do that financially but I don’t think I’ll volunteer my time there as I was planning on doing.