Day 10 – Set a Realistic Goal.

For the first time in my life, I am not losing weight for an event. Well – my 20 year school reunion is on next June, but I’ll be at my goal weight of 10grams then because I really care what most of the people I went to school with think of me. That’s why I have stayed in contact with them all.


My goal is simple. I want to lose weight. I have an idea of how much but as long as it keeps coming off I don’t mind how long it takes. When I started this book I weighed myself on the dietician’s scales in the afternoon and I was 112.7kg (highest ever weight! Go me!) When I went and bought a new set of (same brand) scales from Myer the other week and weighed myself I was 108.5kg. I don’t really think I have lost 4.2kg in two weeks but I certainly have lose weight – I’d say about 3kg? 

I am going to do what Beck says and concentrate on 5kgs at a time. Eventually I would like to get to 80kg (10 above my ideal weight as determined when I had a body composition scan two years ago) but I can’t say when that will be – I would imagine it taking at least 18 months. If I have a child in the next 18 months that might slow it down but let’s see what happens! I am going on a big holiday overseas at the end of the year and my goal weight wise then is to keep losing.

So I have 3.5 kg to go to get to my first goal. What will my reward be? I have already bought it – a ticket to see J@rvis C0cker at the Metro and dinner at my favourite restaurant beforehand.


Day 11: Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire and Cravings.

When I read this day, I felt very lucky because I have not had a strong craving for food for a long time. I remember I have strong desire to have a certain food but not cravings. Beck writes that the difference is

  • You ate a big meal and yet you still want to continue to eat more. That was a desire.” 
  •  “You had a very strong urge to eat, which was accompanied by a feeling of tension and an unpleasant yearning sensation in your mouth, throat or body. That was a craving.”

I liked her observation that if you are really hungry after a meal, any food will do but if you feel like something in particular, it’s a desire or craving. I have been asking myself if I am really thirsty instead of hungry and the answer most of the time has been yes.

I don’t really want to do this task because I really do know the difference between being hungry and craving or desiring something but I will complete it on Sunday and the Hunger Tolerance on Monday at school. No-one could accuse me of going at this class=”mceItemHidden”> half arsed, eh? 🙂 Days 13 and 14 to follow…