Haven’t had a chance to post over the last few days but have finished all of week one of the BDS…and I am loving it. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. I have never felt as if I have had control over my eating, even when on a diet. I always felt like I was only just keeping it together and if I dared not track food it would be all over and I would be eating with gay abandon. But this book has come at the right time and I know that these are permanent changes I am making in my life. 

Day 5: Eat Slowly and Mindfully.

Man, I am so not good at this. There is a video of me eating some finger food in England in 2000 and it haunts me – I am shovelling food down like there is no tomorrow. Barely stopping to answer the questions asked of me from the person filming it. I have been forcing myself to stop eating at about 3 points in the meal and relax. It’s amazing that I can eat a whole huge bowl of Greek Salad and barely taste it – I am just so intent of shovelling the food in. I have also been drinking water with my dinner too to slow down my eating. One of the tips was to eat food in a relaxed atmosphere so this morning I went and sat out the front in the sun instead of in front of the computer and tried to relax and taste what I was eating. It takes longer so tomorrow morning 15 minutes less sleep for me – which sucks but I have to make time to show I value the food I eat and my health! Another time it is hard is when I go out for Japanese because generally all the food comes out at once and I want to eat it before it goes cold, so next time I will ask for it to come out at a slower rate. It has made a difference. It’s hard, it’s time consuming, but it’s rewarding.

Day 6: Find a Diet Coach.

This one is easy – I’ve already set it up. I have accepted a long time ago that I have to keep myself accountable, so I have S the Dietician I see, all you readers (some of whom even leave a comment!), the ladies over at Hornbag Island (a private on-line group I belong to) and most surprisingly…my husband! After I read this chapter I asked him if he wouldn’t consider doing the book with me? And to my surprise he said yes! I could count on him before but always resisted it to an extent because I didn’t want any comments about what I was eating (so sensitive!) I still don’t like having people commenting on what I’m doing – still resisting that much involvement. Funny, hey?

Day 7: Arrange Your Environment

Again, this was an easy one…or so I thought! There is absolutely no junk food in my house…I just can’t buy it. I haven’t bought things like biscuits for years because I know I would eat them all in a day. I have no self control. If I buy ice cream it is gone in a few days so I haven’t bought any of that for a long while. I don’t know or care what people think of it (ie: whether they assume I am on a diet or what) it’s just how it is. So, smugly I read on…and then had a “Awww, shit!” moment. Beck wants you to control your work environment too! Ask people to not have food out you could be tempted by, talk to your boss about healthy eating inititives…I don’t know what to do here. I think the best thing is to start bringing in healthy food myself for morning tea on Friday and just put the tim tams straight in the fridge if I see them out. I am also going to take in a plastic container to put biscuits in that people bring in (one that you can’t see into! LOL!) and say it’s to keep them from the cockroaches. I really don’t want to go down the “please don’t bring this food in” road – we have enough idiots at work making demands on us and I don’t want to be one more! I will let you know how I go… 

Today’s the first day I have done 10,000+ steps and man am I feeling it now! Off to bed for me…