Day 4’s exercise: Give yourself credit.

Before reading the Gabriel Method, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. But now I actually find it quite easy because I really think I am doing well. Beck suggests finding a word or a phrase that you can say to yourself whenever you do something positive. I have found that I can say ‘excellent’ to myself or just note exactly what it is I am doing and have a big smile to myself – it’s making a big difference. I also go over what sort of day I have had before bed and congratulate and remind myself that I am going to do it and I will be successful.

What did I congratulate myself for yesterday?

* I knew we would go out for dinner so I ate very little during the day – not that I was starving or anything (I ate 1004 calories) but I was just conscious of it.
* On the way out to dinner I thought about what I was going to order. Usually I get there and am so hungry I want it all but I made the decision before I walked in the door. I also got the husband to look up the calories for a glass of wine V’s a sapporo on the way there so I could make a decision as to whether I’d have one or not. The calories in beer were too high so I thought “I’ll have a wine” but when I got there I just ordered a sparkling water. Beer or nothing is what I felt like – and after having 2 glasses of wine with dinner the night before I knew it wasn’t a smart move diet wise.
* At dinner I chose food that was the lower in calories. I didn’t overeat – even left some edamame behind!
* I did 7966 steps (have my fantastic new pedometer – love it!). I will be on 10000 a day by the beginning of next week. The best thing about the steps is that I did most of them after dinner – came home and got the dog and went out. Even walked the super long way back to get the steps up.

The real test for me will be when I eat something I am not planning to. Beck says it’s important to congratulate yourself for not eating more or for resisting because if you are thinking things like I’ll never do this, I’m weak, I’ll never get thin etc you risk throwing in the towel then and there and eating crap for the rest of the day. Yes…I have done that MANYtimes and I won’t be doing it anymore!