I have been watching good old Oprah in the holidays (I know…tragic) and she had a series of 5 shows on…”Oprah’s Best Life Week—a multiplatform, company-wide event designed to help readers, viewers, listeners and online users confront the issues in their own lives and make a commitment to wake up and unlock their own personal happiness in 2009.”

Now fucking Foxtel only showed two of these but it was probably the two I was most interested in – Bob Greene’s “Your Weight” and Dr Oz’s “Your Health” (links for you all)

They were really interesting shows because as you know I feel like finally, FINALLY!, all the pieces are falling into place for me. I get almost no incidental exercise – most days I catch the bus to school because I sleep in or sit in front of the computer until the last minute I can possibly leave the house and two days a week I actually drive…the tragedy of this is that I measured the distance from my house to the school yesterday on the way to the gym and it is…1.3km away! I was shocked at how lazy I had got. I have also been driving to Pilates twice a week and it is closer than school! Probably less than a kilometre!

Watching Dr Oz talk about the 10,000 steps we need to take per day I realised that some days I’d be lucky to crack 2000.

This is for the rest of my life. I can’t do what I did before and go OTT at the gym and with my eating only to let it all slide away because I put on a few kgs and am feeling bad about it. My body deserves better that me putting on 20kg in a year. I know weigh more than I ever have. It’s time to make changes for life. 

My pledge and promise to myself is to start putting my health first. S thought I never put myself first which is wrong – I do take time for myself and shut myself off from the world when I need to but what I am usually doing is damaging to myself – sitting in front of the computer on blogs and facebook, watching other people live their lives instead of getting out there and living mine or watching TV when 18 months ago I hardly watched any!

I am going to buy a pedometer this afternoon (after I walk to Pilates!) for the husband and I to crack 10,000 steps per day. I have slotted in times for me to go to the gym (Sunday and Wednesday) and am even considering doing a class at the gym (am very uncoordinated so this will take some convincing on my part)

Any of you going to join me in the 10,000 steps?