This school holidays the de-cluttering continues (yes, I am typing this through clenched teeth).

RIGHT NOW! in my bedroom I am throwing out undies. The new, the unworn, the unwearable, the good, the bad, the ugly. Three piles – Unworn (still with tags) for my mum (Is that wrong? I really have never had them on!) The threadbare and obscene for Vinnies. NO! Jokes! For the Salvos. NO! I jest! For eBay! NO! etc etc…for the bin. The ones that fit have a lucky life ahead of them – days of encasing my big arse.

I know which pile I’d rather be in.


Edited: 9 pairs of brand-new undies to mum, 11 pairs in the bin, 12 pairs kept. Those 12 pairs I wear on a regular basis. So…almost 2/3 of my undies drawer I didn’t wear.

Socks and bras next. *shudder*