Have had a great couple of days and am feeling fantastic. I am still tracking food and have noticed that it is so beneficial to me in terms of being responsible for how much protein I am eating – I have to hit the 60gram mark by lunch otherwise I’m screwed! LOL! It’s not easy getting the protein in as a vegetarian!

I know a lot of people in my life think counting calories is pathetic and far removed from listening to what your body needs. The Gabriel Method says as much too…but it is what I need to do to keep myself honest. No, I won’t do it forever though – just to lose weight and if the pants start to get a bit tight.  The reason I am tracking food and not trying to eat intuitively is that I have no intuition when it comes to food. I can pack away the calories like no-one’s business and if I listened to my body I would be living on shit all day every day and be the size of a small hippo.

I am eating as healthy as possible though – organic when I can afford it, not any low-fat shit with heaps of additives, and no dead empty carbs.

My next challenge is to follow the recommendations for the first month of the Gabriel Method – not something I did when I first read it. It involves a bit of visualisation and I have to find a photo of me at the size I want to be or someone who has a body I admire. The only celebrities I can think of that I wish I had their body is K @ te W1nslet. I do have some photos of me very happy and proud at about 88kg that I might print and use – anything lighter than that I was in high school and can’t remember feeling positive about how I looked…I always felt huge. 

Anyway onwards, at Chris Dietcoke says! First week of the school holidays! 🙂