In no particular order…

  1. I can’t dress the way I want to. I am limited by  being a size 20 – recently, I tried on over 40 items of clothing in Myer and walked away with 6 pieces. Only 3 I love – the rest look ok and fit well.
  2. Financial reasons – I have an entire wardrobe of clothes I love and want to wear. Clothes that I wore once and I felt fantastic in. I don’t want to try and replace them or sell them off – I want to be able to wear them. A lot of them are one-off vintage pieces.
  3. I look terrible. No matter how much effort I go to, I still look like someone I barely recognise. My body looks like it’s been draped with lard.
  4. I feel ugly.
  5. Being overweight has a very negative impact on my self esteem.
  6. Being overweight has a negative impact on my marriage.
  7. My knees and hips and ankles ache.
  8. My waist has disappeared and been replaced with rolls of fat.
  9. I have lower energy than when I’m lighter.
  10. I find it hard walking small distances and will do anything to avoid it.
  11. I tire easily.
  12. My stomach is restricting me. When I bend over or try and do the child pose it is stopping me stretching properly and it actually hurts to have that much gut pushing into me.
  13. I do not want to have the health problems associated with being obese and pregnant. I can’t image the strain of lugging around even 1 kilo more!
  14. I’m embarrassed.
  15. I want to be normal.