So after the last post I pondered. I had already started some research into the world of giving birth in my city and let me tell you, it’s a scary scary thing…getting booked in to a hospital or birthing centre at 5 – 7 weeks pregnant, people lying about their addresses to get into the hospital of their choice. It’s all too much! One thing I am almost sure about though is this – I do not want to give birth in the same hospital my friend did. It’s one of the fanciest private hospitals here but it was all about what the staff wanted rather than my friend…she wanted to do things a bit natural (21 hours labour with no pain relief and was doing really well) but her Ob talked her into a C section when the pushing was taking a while. I know I am certainly no expert on these things but he had been talking C section from about 6 months onwards and she was induced at 38 weeks because he was going on holidays the following week. I also found the midwives were not really leaving her to it if you know what I mean…the baby wasn’t in any distress but they were shoving a heart monitoring thing in places every other minute and asking her to lie certain ways etc. I just watched it all and thought “this isn’t the birth I want.”

Sorry for the tangent there! Lol! Anyway after spending many hours on the Internet last night researching and reading, I had to laugh at myself – I went out the back and carried the dog up the back stairs and realised I was huffing and puffing and not coping with carrying the extra weight of the dog! My back was hurting, my feet were killing…and the tragedy is the that is the dog is 8 KILOS! LOL! 

There isn’t any point wondering if I should have a baby in this physical state. Yes, we’d cope financially and the permanent job would have to wait and in honesty would I ever be any more ready than this? So my goal is to fic the back and get fitter. The weight can stay or go but it’s the level of fitness and the lower back pain that is the real issue (thanks Katey for making me realise that!!!)

Today I rang a specialist Pilates studio and have a one-on-one appointment there next week. And I got home from school and went on an hour walk with the dog. 

Stand by for fitness reports…