…so I could ignore the fact that I have to drag my sorry head out of the ground and start to try and get pregnant next year!

I found out that I am entitled to maternity leave IF I have the baby in the period of my temporary contract. So if I was contracted for 2009 but due Feb 2010 that would mean no maternity leave unless the school had filled out the paperwork saying they were going to employ me anyway. I’m not willing to bet on that – too uncertain. The D E T woman I spoke to was a gem – even told me to try and get pregnant between Oct – end of March, then if not, but it off for 6 months before trying again to ensure I got the 14 weeks paid leave.

So the issue is this – pros and cons of starting to try and get pregnant this October…


  • I’m 35 in February and worried about my age.
  • It could take a while to get pregnant and at least if I start then I’ll have a year’s headstart in case there are fertility problems.


  • Debt: we will still have about $25,000 to pay off our car but should be out of Credit Card debt. We will only have about $5000 in savings.
  • I am about 30kg overweight!
  • I am not at all fit!
  • My chance for a permanent job at school would be blown – one won’t come up until next year and I’m not sure I’d get it because I was pregnant. This is only a TINY consideration because I don’t really want a permanent job at my current school!
  • I don’t feel ready. And the husband doesn’t either…it’s almost like we are resigned to it!

So what do you think? Should I just start trying and see what happens, or put it off until October 2010 when I am nearly 36?

I am starting to feel some pressure about weight, clutter and money. It remains to be seen whether that will help propel me into action or have a negative effect…