What a roller-coaster of a week! Am in the midst of marking some Year 11 essays so can’t spend too much time here – but basically what happened this week was…

Monday: Had a job interview over the phone for a teacher recruitment service that looks after private and Catholic schools in TIWTLI. Went very well – she said that they have blocks and permanent positions that come up and since I am qualified to teach Religion (do not ask, long story! LOL!) I will have a good chance of getting a job. That said, there are not that many jobs that come up there, so we’ll see…at this point I was determined to go up there and start casual teaching Term 1 2010. Husband had said he was willing to commute back to this dump and stay 2 nights a week (2 1/2 hours each way) as he wanted me to be happy. I was still feeling depressed about the whole situation but determined to make it through this year and move.

Tuesday: Talked the logistics of moving with the Husband and started to realise that he was beginning to not be happy with the idea. God love him – it hadn’t occurred to him yet but I could see it in his eyes…

Wednesday: The Husband comes home and says “I don’t think we’re ready to move next year due to a number of reasons…

  • The debt-free goal – moving costs money and my lost income means that we might not reach our goal of getting out of debt by the end of the next financial year.
  • The amount of time he would be commuting means that we would spend less time together.
  • The financial stress of running a household in new town and paying for him to have a base here.
  • If I was pregnant next year he wouldn’t want to miss out on supporting me and being with me.
  • The company he contracts to now has a lot on in the next year and he could be working 5 days a week – double the income – save more.
  • He was just plain not ready to leave this city yet.

Tear, yelling, tears. He storms off to bed. I fume and cry. Everything he said was right but not willing to admit that and let go of the dream of living in the TIWTLI.

Thursday:Find out I may be entitled to maternity leave as I have been a temporary teacher for longer than a year.  This hadn’t even occurred to me – I never thought I’d be entitled to it. Several other teachers agree I am and think the school may have to give me back my job after a year. I email the appropriate DET office to find out… Come home and make up with the Husband and tell him about maternity leave and we try and make a plan which offers a compromise to us both. We come up with this…

  • If I get a permanent job we go, even if it’s expensive and inconvienent.
  • In the meantime, try and hang on in current school to use the maternity leave next year.
  • As we are hanging on, work out a way I can cope with the workload (more on that later)
  • Aim to save for a decent house deposit so we don’t have to get mortgage insurance when we buy (Husband is a sole trader)
  • Aim to buy very soon after we arrive in TIWTLI.
  • Move by the end of 2011. Originally it was 2010 but realistically if I have a baby next year or early 2011 (that’s with no problems conceiving! *prays*) that might be too soon.

Friday: Go to school with the “plan to cope” speech for my Head Teacher firmly planned in my head. Manage to pin her down for an early TARS meeting (to talk about what I want next year) and deliver my plan…which is

  • Go back to teaching my second teaching method (ie: not hers) for part of the load. This is more a professional development thing than anything else. She was dead against this at the beginning of 2009 as she wanted me “all to herself” and refused to split her load which as we all know, resulted in me dropping my bundle. 😛
  • Take on the roll of the Debating Coordinator (a job no-one wants and the current teacher that does it is leaving) on the condition that I get the same timetable allowance as she had for the job. (This will look good on the CV)
  • If I am taking on the Debating, not teach a senior class (except maybe my current Year 11s if she’s desperate – two years teaching Year 12 will look good on CV) as it isn’t fair on the students – as DC you are away from school a lot and they suffer.
  • Take on the roll of ICT person for Head Teacher’s subject and teach the other dinosaurs how to use various programs. At the moment they are all not interested at all but there is huge expectations in this department from the Principal. I offered to re-write some units of work – again, will look great on CV.

To my shock she loved the idea and will be working to make it happen! 

What do you all think of that?