I am so happy writing this I can barely keep still!

Got to school today after a terrible weekend of being depressed and sad and burnt out. Struggled through all my classes but as the day went on my mood lifted and I started to get happier and more…I don’t know, light? The world looked better. I think this is because on Saturday the only thought I had was “I want to resign” and although I knew that was the best thing for me spiritually and emotionally, I couldn’t do it – I can’t let my senior students down so close the HSC, or the school as I said I’d do a whole year, or my husband because we are paying off our debts. But it was the right decision to leave. And somehow even making that decision and not being able to leave at the moment was good enough for me.

Then! At 2pm I saw a job advertised for town-I-want-to-move-to-High! I made a few phone calls to people in the know and they confirmed it’s a great school and I would love it! Then I saw an ad from a job agency looking for teachers for independant and Catholic schools in town-I-want-to-move-to! So will send my CV off there too! THEN! I spoke to someone who teaches in town-I-want-to-move-to and she said there is HEAPS of casual work and I would have no problems getting work there!


If I don’t get the job at town-I-want-to-move-to-High, come next year I’ll be living in town-I-want-to-move-to regardless. That’s where I’ll be. The bloke is all thumbs up for it despite him having to commute back here a few days a week and I feel like this is 1000000000000% the right decision to make. I cannot see my mind changing about this.

For the first time in a long time I  am smiling.