I’m so tired and brain dead. It’s unbelievable – one week back and school and I am shot. No, it’s not the kids that are wearing me out (not even when they imply I’m fat!) – it’s my colleagues and head teacher.

If I could just plan, teach and mark the work for the classes I have I would be fine. Instead, I have a ridiculous and unmanageable amount of senior marking thrown on top thanks to my head teacher. I was meant to be a check marker for a 1500 word essay handed in on Tuesday – that means looking at every 5th essay and checking that my mark matches the lead marker (who happens to be the head teacher)

On Wednesday, I was told it was every fifth paper.

On Thursday, I was told it was every third paper as the essays were very difficult to mark and we needed to be sure we were giving the right marks.

On Friday P1 I was told I would have to mark half of them. By lunch, despite talking to her about moving goalposts and how I do not have time to get 80 papers marked by Tuesday week, I was told they have to be ready next Friday.

I have had enough. I will not be marking 80 of them – I will not work myself into the ground for this job. I worked 16 hour days 7 days a week for 5 weeks of last term and I will not do that again. I will not let my other students suffer because I don’t have time to prepare quality work for them. I will not be bullied into following my head teacher’s example of having NO life outside that hot-house environment we work in.

I have got my CV ready to submit should any jobs come along. I have seen an ad for jobs in the town I want to live in (not my current one) and although we are not ready to move I am submitting the application. My husband has said he will commute back here and stay two nights a week and while that isn’t ideal I’m willing to do it.

I want out.