Well, what a day. I popped into another teacher’s class to borrow something and she offered me a piece of orange on the way out and a kid (Year 11) said “You need to stop eating now, Miss”


I didn’t know what to do or even if what I’d heard was meant in the way I thought it was (my weight) so I didn’t miss a beat and walked out. I thought I’d see what the teacher thought that was in the class and deal with him later. After class, the furious looking teacher came into my room and asked to see me after I was finished speaking to a student. Walking into her room, there was the student who had made the comment. He immediately said “Miss…what I said when you walked out? I’m sorry…do you forgive me?” and I swear, I didn’t know I was going to react like this but I nearly started crying. I hid it well though.

Yes, I am overweight. And eventually someone was going to say something about it. But I am so surprised at my reaction! It made me sad all afternoon.

Why is it that when someone says something like this you want to sink in a chair and eat eat eat when what you should be doing is going to the gym and doing something about it?