And I’ve woken up feeling nervous and on-edge. I think it’s because I haven’t done as much as I wanted to on holidays – but now isn’t the time to be so hard on myself. There’s no point! That said…I find it very hard to not be – I have been hard on myself my whole life.

The husband and I went shopping yesterday and have our meals for the week written on the side of the fridge in whiteboard marker. We have good things planned for lunches for work. We have a clean(ish) house (still have the office and the back room to clear). There is no need for me to be stressed and anxious.

I am going to the gym today (even though it’s the last thing that I want to do) because I have to get back into it! Otherwise I am letting go of the gym membership and saving the money instead. I have decided that this is the term to prove that I can do it. I am starting to go once a week which is a no-brainer – then I will increase it from there. My membership is so cheap that it’s less than a casual visit anyway so I don’t feel I have to go more than once to make it worth while.  I’m going to go on the weekend for the time being then we’ll see…

I am also starting to swim on a Wednesday – that’s the sport I have to take for school so I get free entry to the pool.

I am going to start taking the dog for a walk with the husband every day too – not something we are doing at the moment. Normally one of us takes her and the other one does something else.

I know this post might read a big strange but I am trying to stop myself having a big stress attack! I just don’t want my life to be as manic as it was last term…can’t handle that again.