Must finish spare bedroom today! I woke up feeling determined and on fire! lol!

Thanks Oprah and Peter Walsh for this list…

How to Keep Your House Clutter-Free

  • Tackle messes one room at a time.
  • When you buy something new, practice the “in-out rule:” For every one new item, get rid of an old one.
  • Create intimacy in the master bedroom. Remember that improvements in one room can spread to the rest of the house.
  • Make cleaning up fun for your kids.
  • Create a vision for the room you’re cleaning.
  • Teach your kids how to sort.
  • Use a hanger system to determine which clothes you wear most.
  • Ask yourself if you really need something. If you hesitate, you don’t.
  • Establish a “magic triangle” in your kitchen between the stove, refrigerator and the sink. Keep the items you use most in that area.
  • Identify useful utensils with the cardboard box test (basically you put all your utensils in a box and when you use them you put it back in the drawer…if it’s still there after a month you don’t need it.)

Forgot to say yesterday that another thing I am determined to do is stop wasting food. I read this interesting article in yesterday’s Guardian and this series of photos really disgusted me – I could not BELIEVE the amount of food wasted. I’m not going to start diving into the bin of my local Woolies but I am very determined to cut the amount of food I throw out to a bare minimum.

I have already given away all the tinned fruit I had – I opened a can and it was still OK, but I knew I’d never eat it. It freaked me out that I had purchased it over 2 years ago and it was still ok! Following the Gabriel Method made me aware that I didn’t want to eat something so artificial…so I gave them all to a friend who eats tinned food like there’s no tomorrow. I have been making sure I am using all the little bits and pieces I have in the fridge and freezing leftover bits so I can use them again. I have been eating the stockpile of nuts we have in the house and using up the jars of jams and pickles etc we have before I buy anymore.

Another day of decluttering for me – I got so much done on the second bedroom yesterday but today I must finish it…including the boxes I am dreading. The wedding table centrepieces! So much time and effort was put into making them but I will keep one and get rid of the rest – Vinnies for the glass bowls (they don’t sell on eBay) and eBay the cupie dolls as a lot. I don’t want to do this but that’s life, isn’t it?