Had to laugh at the responses I got from you ladies…clutter is the enemy, hey! It is so hard to keep on top of, but I am proof of what happens when it gets out of control! You should see some of the crap I am finding in these boxes! Oh my Lord! I mean, what’s the reason behind that receipt for some yoghurt from David Jones dated Aug 2007 being kept? Or the screwed up Mrs Fields bag that must have once had some nibblers in it? How did it end up packed in a box? I guess I took a shot at getting it in the bin and it missed and went into an open box in the old house and got sealed.

Interesting emotions have popped up though. Uni notes have proved hard to let go of and upon reflection I realised that it was because I didn’t think I did a good enough job at uni in any of my degrees. I am nearly ready to let go of them all but it is very very hard. I never thought I was good at school or uni and even though now I am working in an excellent school and therefore should have proved to myself that I succeeded in what I set out to do (become a teacher who knew what she was talking about!) I still cling on to the lecture notes and readings I never read. When I think about throwing them out and accepting who I am right now I feel great. That’s what keeps me going. I have a folder and some sleeves to file the stuff I can use on a day-to-day basis, but when I make it to the office for decluttering, that’s when I will throw the rest out.

At the moment I am in the spare bedroom chipping away. I have finished the kitchen and our bedroom and feel so great when I spend time in either of these rooms. I want to feel like that in my entire house.

I have a goal – all clutter all gone by June 2010. That means all photos in storage units of some kind, all weight clutter gone, all clothes fit and everything in my house in its place and being used or treasured. The immediate clutter will be done and dusted before the week’s out. Then it’s ebay sales and getting ready for a new term…and more focus on the weight.