The holidays roll on, with a large bag of mixed emotions. For as long as I can remember, long periods of time alone have made me very anxious – even as a child I felt panicky on a Sunday afternoon.

Starting the school holidays was hard – I shopped to fill the void. How terrible that that’s the only thing that bought me any comfort? I needed something mindless that kept me busy…and the whole time I stressed about the main thing I was attempting this holidays – clearing out clutter.

I really believe that the clutter and the excess weight are connected. I have so much shit here and have been slowly going through it over the past 4 days.

It. Is. So. Hard. 

I keep wanting to give up and then swing to going OTT and wanting to throw everything I own out! LOL!

Not sure how many of you are still reading so I’ll stop here…more shit to chuck!