They are doing what they have to do to lose weight and as hard as it may be some days, they are still chipping away at it. I have no doubt all of them will succeed and when I am feeling like I can’t do this, I log on and read their efforts. I’m so grateful I cyber-know them…

Thank you to

  • Soul Mumma – A fellow Gabriel Method convert and doing an amazing job too…
  • Ash – Yet another GMer but does the most amazing amount of exercise! You’re what I’m aiming to be, Ash!
  • Nola – on a completely different journey but still getting to where she needs to go – look at those before and now pics!
  • Cinders – again, on a different journey but having great success. The post I have linked to gave me such a laugh – I want to have the attitude of these men!
  • Lainey – love the determination and amount of exercise you are doing, girl…and your arms aren’t as fat as mine!

As for me – I fear I have fallen off the wagon and I am climbing back on. I didn’t put on the initial weight I lost, and I still have a lot of the intial habits I formed after first reading the Gabriel Method which is good. I had a realisation this morning – it’s 8 months until my birthday and I can’t let another one slide by with me at 100+kgs. I have goals for next year which don’t involve me being obese.

Not only am I fat – I have a bad back and need to visit the physio. I need to get my feet sorted (I think I need those things you put in your shoes), I need a haircut, need to start going to the gym again and I need to throw more crap out of this house. I feel like I don’t haven’t got time for anything. I am going to have to make time. It’s all symbolic of how out of control my life is at the moment.

Today I listened to what my body really wanted and got the answer – water. And omega 3. And an egg. And avocado

I am going to start recoring what I eat again to show my long-suffering dietician (the one I’ve been too busy to see) so here you go – check it out…



  • 500ml water
  • banana smoothie with fresh-ground LSA and soy milk
  • 1 slice of Burgen soy-lin with avocado and 1 egg


  • 1 slice of home made spinach, seed and feta frittata