Work is mental at the moment, and I am really chasing my tail. The sheer amount of marking and writing reports is testing my sanity big time. I have worked about 15 hours every day this week and this will continue for at least the next few weeks. It’s days like this I long for a job in Coles! Lol! I am focussing on the fact that I love this job and there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of school holidays…

My committment to the Gabriel Method has taken a hit this week – haven’t been able to convince myself to listen to the meditation before I go to bed, and the time I have been dedicating to breakfast has been replaced by me sucking an Up & Go Energise on the way to work. I haven’t gone completely back to square one though which is fairly impressive! My interest in eating has died right down which is usual when I am this tired and stressed, and the amount of water I have swilled is a lot less than what it was. This week, for my health and sanity, that has to change. If I am to make it through this term, I need to take better care of myself.

Losing my grandfather has had a huge impact on me too. I have been having a cry at inappropriate moments, and the bullshit that is sprayed around my staff room with gay abandon has stuck to me a lot more than it has previously. I have had little patience for people who come to work and scream and carry on because their home lives are so stressful and shit. I have worked hard to not let my stress and unhappiness effect others and it just riles me that they have no hesitation in letting rip without any consideration for others who may be just coping. Several have bite marks on their arms and a shocked look on their faces from an encounter with beetricks this past week.

Stand back, bitches of the staffroom. This Queen Bitch is taking no prisoners!