Some interesting reading today here on Oprah’s site  about improving your diet. Diet in the true sense of the word – what you eat. Often it’s so hard to see how unbalanced your diet is until someone points it out for you…

I have also been reading some posts on Refuse to Regain, a great blog about maintaining weight loss. Is it possible? I have never been able to after dieting. I think it’s because I could never accept that I was doing this for life, and what I was eating was impossible to maintain long term. Of course, I am not on a diet now, but consciously improving my diet.

On the other end of the sensible information spectrum are these sites I found while browsing on eBay. I was checking out the prices of The Gabriel Method (wow, some people are getting ripped off! Go to Dymocks, people!!) and I noticed an ad at the bottom of the screen that claimed The Gabriel Method was a scam and click here to find out why! I was directed to a site that said “All this weight I lost through combining two diet products – Green Tea Purity and Power Colon Cleanse.” All Mary did was send off for two free samples then stood back and watched the lard melt away! The whole exercise cost her $12!!! (postage for the two items!) Recommended by Oprah! So I went on the Oprah site and nope, no recommendations – just pages and pages of people complaining that they got ripped off by both companies – you must have to give your credit card details to get the free product (probably for shipping).

After I closed the site I decided I’d write about it here and hit google to try and find it…but what should I find instead? DIETGIRL!It’s obvious that we have been duped, Australia! DG is not who we thought – instead, she is Sandra Williams from Clovelly! The shock and anguish I feel is overwhelming! As I’m sure it is for the poor girl is whose photos have been used on this site and many others (all with different names and located in different parts of the world)!

From memory DG has been busted before for her dodgy ways – Green Tea addict I think? Shauna?

Edit 22/05/2009

A victory for Shauna – they have finally taken down her pics and put up some others – God knows who the dark haired woman that web site is now featuring is though! LOL!