…and all is well.

I have a fridge full of good food, am eating well, and despite missing a few days of the CD before sleep, doing well.  Today the bloke and I went on a huge 2 hour walk down to the harbour near where we live…it was beautiful and I will do it again. I was shattered as I walked home – depressing when you think of how fit I used to be. I am now totally beat and going to read my Agatha Christie book in preparation for Year 8 this week.

I have some goals this week…

  1. Keep on exercising – walking every day. This isn’t to lose weight – it’s to keep my mind centred. It’s to get a little bit of my fitness back.
  2. Put my gym membership on hold – I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back but there’s no point paying for it while I’m thinking about it. 
  3. Get to bed at a reasonable time.
  4. Listen to the GM Meditation when I go to bed.
  5. Keep on top of marking – 5 per class per night.
  6.  Spend time outside gardening a couple of hours over  the week – me time.
  7. Keep the water intake up
  8. Keep a food diary to take to my dietician this week

Not too hard, eh?