Man…going back to school is hard! You have to work and shit whilst you’re there – most uncool.

This morning I woke up late and couldn’t believe how tired I was. Progress is obvious, though…I didn’t even contemplate not making my salad to take to school. Sure, I was resentful and angry as I did it, and looking out the window at the driving rain and gale force winds I knew I wouldn’t want to eat a fucking God-damn salad at lunch! I made it though…a very simple one – spinach leaves, a tomato, feta (50 GRAMS! LOL!), black sesame seeds, mung beans, pecans with a caramelised balsamic and olive oil dressing. Had it with a piece of sprouted wheat toast spread with avocado.

I left without eating breakfast but ate a nut bar and a Sanitarium Up and Go Energize once I got to school. Felt so out of sorts though, and even a visiting teacher commented how shit I looked (why, thanks!) but I kept chugging water and eventually came good.  Recess came and I had a tiny slice of gluten free orange cake from Syndian that I bought in for a gluten-free friend. I saw the doughnuts that the head teacher put out for us and normally I would be in there eating at least one, but I didn’t even feel like it. I felt no desire or connection with that food. Same when I went to the supermarket after school – I glanced up the chocolate isle and felt nothing. Nothing! Shit!

Dinner was a tofu burger with seed frittata and broccoli.

My eating has improved so much and I feel out of this world. I am going to re-read the Gabriel Method again this weekend and start doing the visualisation exercises of a morning…I really want this to work. I want to let go of this weight I have and be the person I want to be.

I have nothing really interesting to say – but I do value your comments and support. It’s incredible to see over 600 hits here and for those who take the time to comment I thank you so much! I have really missed blogging and it’s great to be back.